Posted by: thenikkiblog | December 9, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 12-9-14

A horrible murder/suicide, Drake and Diddy fight, and Clooney’s wife’s “baby bump”.

Stephanie Mosley, a former background dancer of Chris Brown, Usher, and many other singers as well as from the VH1 show Hit The Floor was killed in a murder suicide by her husband, rapper Earl Hayes. Hayes reportedly thought Mosley had cheated on him with singer Trey Songz. Oddly the incident happened while Hayes was Face timing with boxer Floyd Mayweather who saw the whole thing.

TMZ is reporting Drake got punched in the face by Diddy.  The two were seen outside of a nightclub in Miami early Monday morning and apparently Diddy was overheard saying Drake would never respect him. Drake’s been getting into a few nightclub fights, lately…. what happened to lil’ old Jimmy from DeGrassi??  And if you’re asking “What?” then you can look here—->  Lol

George Clooney’s new wife, Amal is NOT pregnant even though a bunch of jerk photographers took a picture of her where she didn’t look completely see-through thin and decided to say she might be. Nice. Classy.



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