Posted by: thenikkiblog | December 12, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 12-12-14

Creed front man in more trouble, model accuses Cosby, and Golden Globe nominations are out.


Scott Stapp the lead singer of Creed’s family is super worried about him. His estranged wife and sister-in-law called 911 saying he was mentally unstable, thought he was in the CIA, and was out to kill the president.

Model Beverly Johnson is now coming forward saying she too had an incident with Bill Cosby involving being potentially drugged at his home in the mid 80’s.  At the time she was a struggling single mother trying to break into the business and she claims Cosby invited her over to his house, gave her a cappuccino which made her almost lose consciousness, so she was able to get out of his house and into a cab before anything happened.

The nominees for this year’s Golden Globe Awards were announced yesterday Michael Keaton’s movie “Birdman” led the way with seven nominations. In an awkward turn of events: Angelina Jolie got totally shut out on that movie she directed, “Unbroken”. Maybe that producer in the hacked Sony emails was right?


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