Posted by: thenikkiblog | February 4, 2015

Nikki’s Quickies 2-4-15

Diddy wanted by police, star might have a girlfriend, and a Hilton arrested.

Police are looking to talk to PDiddy who hosted a pre-Super Bowl party & a man at the event started harassing him Diddy allegedly slugged him.  The man is on video very intoxicated and calling him names and wants to press charges. I saw the video… the dude kind of deserved it.

Page Six is saying Jonah Hill might have a new lady.  The actor was at a screening of a movie and a source says he was overheard introducing a girl as his girlfriend but we don’t know who she is. This is very vague but so is life…so deal with it.

Paris Hilton’s younger brother, Conrad Hilton (yes…the kid is basically named two hotels) was arrested for going crazy on a plane back in July & threatening flight attendants. I’m not sure why the actual arrest took so long to happen but one might guess having a bajillionaire dad might not hurt that process.


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