Posted by: thenikkiblog | February 18, 2015

Nikki’s Quickies 2-18-15

Selena’s angered the internet and two “ohhh yeah- I remember that guy”‘s arrested.

Selena Gomez went topless for an issue of V Magazine and even though you can’t SEE anything people are criticizing it and calling it child pornography. One smallll catch there, haters- she’s 22. Which part of that involves a child?

Afroman because he’s still apparently a thing was arrested after a female fan jumped on stage while he was performing and he punched her in the head. Aaaand it’s on video and really awful looking.  I’m not sure he can blame this one on “because I got high”.

Speaking of former somebodies getting arrested- Nicholas Brendon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is riding off that show’s fame at different comic conventions and keeps getting arrested for going nuts at the hotels he’s staying at during them. This time he got drunk & trashed his Florida hotel. His reps say he is battling a disease many of us don’t understand and he is sorry for his actions.


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