Posted by: thenikkiblog | February 20, 2015

Nikki’s Quickies 2-20-15

Afroman is going to be REALLY sorry for punching that chick, Vanilla Ice caught in lies, and Katy Perry’s uterus…let’s talk about it!

After punching a female fan in the face Afroman is losing tour dates. 3 of the 7 venues he was supposed to have played at have canceled their shows. Apparently people aren’t too fond of performers who hit women. Now if only they felt the same about Chris Brown.

Vanilla Ice now admits yes he did lie to cops about stealing items from a vacant home but that he thought it was trash and that’s why he took it. BUT the police say he not only lied about why he took the stuff he also said he owned the house he was taking it from AND the foreman of the production crew for his home renovation show said he also told them he owned the place too. Lies Lies Baby.

A lot of magazines started reporting Katy Perry is pregnant with John Mayer’s baby and then a lot of outlets came out saying she is in the middle of a world tour and there’s no way that’s true. So… carry on with your day.

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