Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 4, 2015

Nikki’s Quickies 3-4-15

Kanye speaks…so you know it’s crazy, Oprah is on the move, and CHRIS BROWN MIGHT BE A DAD!

Kanye West spoke at Oxford University and some of the major tidbits from his speech to the prestigious college students include that if he had continued to pursue art he would have been the next Picasso, he thinks The Matrix is the Bible of the information age, and one of his favorite things is to be called crazy. Happy to oblige, Yeezus.

Oprah is shutting down her Harpo Studios that have been in Chicago for 26 years and moving to LA. That could mean about 200 people losing their jobs. I hope she doesn’t have to go around screaming “YOU get a pink slip! And YOU get a pink slip!”

TMZ is reporting Chris Brown is a father! The singer apparently has a 9 month old baby with some former model. His girlfriend whose name I STILL can’t pronounce even tweeted that one can only take so much & she wished Chris and his family the best of luck and “no baby drama for me”. Just keep the baby away from him when he’s mad…you know…because Chris Brown hits people.



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